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At Auto Blaze Limited, we pride ourselves not just on being designers; we are also certified contractors as well. Auto Blaze specialize in construction, both exterior and interior design with soft Furnishing. We administer everything from civil work to Consultancy. All our works are guaranteed! Using our knowledge and expertise, we thoroughly evaluate every projects, discuss with the client preferred design ideas, and then provide detailed schematics and graphics so you can visualize your dream home, office, palace even before we start the construction/renovation. Our prices are very competitive. You can be rest assured that once hired; we are always there for you.

We will help you create luxurious home interior statement you desire, taking care of all the details for you. it would our pleasure working with you to realize the potential of your project. Everything in our power will be done to satisfy your requirements, and to make the project enjoyable for you as well.

Target clients are grouped into four categories; Private Clients, Corporate Organizations, Government, and Contractors. Auto Blaze competitive edge will be the knowledge of digitally-based construction and design resources. International best practice is the hallmark of our service delivery.

Our company desire to ensure that we meet and often supersede the client’s expectations is the greatest driving force. Unlike other companies, we are not driven by the urge for monetary gain. Instead, our team’s passion for detailed aesthetic formation draw their inspiration from our client satisfaction. There are a number of elements that act as pillars to our company’s reputation in providing quality and sustainable design.

These include:

Highly Credible and Experienced Team

There are no tools in detailed aesthetic design, installation as useful as experience and passion. Our company only picks the most qualified team that could be in the interior design Industry. We are also keen to pick only those team who have enough passion and willpower to endure difficulties. Additionally, our team have exceptional skills in various fields and are well qualified to handle research, creativity and sustainable design that can stand the test of time. Moreover, our team receive continuous training in order to keep them updated with the changes and developments in the interior design sector.

Value for Money

We believe in detailed finishes that provide value for money paid. Feedback from our customers has proven beyond doubt that our products are of high standard. The management along with the technicians has made a pledge to do whatever it takes to maintain the culture of quality, originality, reliability and Sustainability.


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